SASHA Farm Humane Fair 2018 – A Great Success Thanks to YOU!

Although the wind blew some gusts our way every once in a while, and a little rain came down here and there, it was a beautiful day for all our SASHA Farm visitors and supporters who came out to the Humane Fair on July 22.

You met representatives from other animal advocacy organizations (see list below). You saw a presentation by Brece Clark, the Humane Cowboy, met Anonymous for the Voiceless, and talked to the SASHA Farm founders, Dorothy Davies and Monty Jackson, in a very enjoyable and informative Q&A session. Your children enjoyed our new Children’s Corner and got to meet Wonder Woman. Many of you joined tours of the farm and you learned all about the 250 animal residents and how they came to live at SASHA Farm. You visited the animal areas and talked to dedicated volunteers who told you more about the pigs, goats, cows, horses, birds, sheep and all other animal species who live at SASHA Farm. You learned the names of many animals and now you know their stories. You met or re-acquainted yourself with Bhima, Daisy Belle, and the Jersey Five. You enjoyed a great vegan buffet lunch catered by The Moveable Feast.

It was truly a great day and we thank all of you, both first time visitors and long time supporters, as well as the animal advocacy organizations, and all the volunteers and staff of SASHA Farm, for a day that we will all remember. Most of all, you helped the animal residents. Without your help, we could not keep saving farm animals in need and promoting the plant-based diet. Thank you again for everything that you do for the animals and for spreading the word!

And, thanks to the following organizations for helping to make our Humane Fair a day to remember!

Animals & Society Institute
All Species Kinship (A.S.K.)
Windsor-Detroit Farm Animal Save
Northwest Ohio Vegan Advocates
Attorneys for Animals
Run Woodstock-Charles Leister (
Bird Center of Washtenaw County
S.M.A.R.T. – Southeastern Michigan Animal Rights Team

Here are just a few pictures of this great day! Check here again soon for more! They are coming, and we can’t wait!

June Carter Cash enjoying her spa day in preparation for the visitors who will be there soon!

A tour group is starting, led by volunteer Alicia MacLean.

Beautiful peacock amazing the visitors.

SASHA Farm Founders, Monte Jackson and Dorothy Davies, greeting Humane Fair visitors. The sign on top of the hay bale reads, “Did you know that hay to feed the animals at SASHA costs between $50-$60K a year?” PLEASE HELP by donating here, on the website. The animals will be truly grateful for your help!

SASHA’s Brece Clark speaking as the Humane Cowboy.

A panoramic view of the noble cows of SASHA Farm.

Sheldon the sheep and his rescuer, young Ruby.

Sheldon happy to be saved from the auction. Thank you Ruby!


Here’s Herman (below), showing a tour group how he makes his quiet space every day.

CHECK BACK SOON FOR MORE PICTURES. The cows, pigs, horses, goats, sheep and birds want you to know how much they appreciated your visit!!