SASHA RUN FOR THE ANIMALS: Update from Charles Leister

Charles ran 100 miles on September 7, 2018 to raise funds for the animal residents at SASHA Farm. Read his incredible story below:

Hello everyone. First, the most important update regarding the fundraising campaign. I am very pleased and grateful to report that we have exceeded the fundraising goal by accumulating $3,165.00 in website, check, and cash donations! A sincere thanks to all donors who helped SASHA reach its goal. It is truly terrific that so many people have come together to help the animal residents, and future rescues, live out their days at SASHA in a compassionate and safe environment. The website is still open to donations if you would still like to make a contribution:

As for the run:  It was an experience of highs and lows all throughout. A swarm of wasps did not make this run any easier for me as I was stung over a dozen times on my right leg within the first 14 miles of the race. Thankfully, the next aid station was only three miles away from where I was able to receive some medical attention before heading out to continue the run. The 100-mile course consisted of 6 x 16.66 mile loops across the Potawatomi trail and horse trails in Pinckney, MI. I dedicated each of the first 5 loops to a group of animals at SASHA (birds, pigs, cows, etc.). Bhima was included in with the goats and sheep since he spends most of his time with them. The final loop was dedicated to the founders, Dorothy Davies and Monte Jackson, as well as all of the fantastic volunteers at SASHA Farm.

As I stood up from taking a 10-minute food and rest break to prepare to complete the sixth and final loop, my body basically told me that I was no longer moving forward and that 84 miles was enough. I had come so close and now my body just did not want to respond, but I felt that I just couldn’t quit now considering all of the support and well wishes that everyone had contributed to the campaign.

I used every bit of my mental and physical energy to keep moving through those final 16 miles knowing that the pain and discomfort that I felt would be worth it in the end. As I crossed the finish line in 25 hours and 31 minutes, I was filled with overwhelming gratitude for all of the donors, supporters, and volunteers who put forth so much effort, love and compassion to make this world a better place for those who do not have a voice.

With sincere thanks,
Charles Leister

(Check out a video of Charles’ run HERE)