Henry Plummer Wins First Detroit Zoological Society Humane Youth Award

🎉 SASHA Farm would like to join the Detroit Zoological Society in recognizing 10-year-old Henry Plummer for his amazing contributions towards improving the lives of animals. This year, rather than asking for presents for his birthday like most kids his age, Henry asked friends and family to make donations towards the 350 rescued animals who call SASHA Farm home, and raised over $1,300!

SASHA Farm is very honored that Henry, a lifelong animal lover, and vegan, chose to use his birthday to support the animal residents. He first visited SASHA Farm when he was five, and continues to cherish very fond memories of his first time here meeting the different animals. He visited SASHA again in this past fall and chose to sponsor and name a shy, but beautiful sheep who needed a friend. He gave her the name Babs, and now she has a lifetime friend in Henry. Henry says it gives him great joy knowing that the animals at SASHA Farm can live out the rest of their lives in beautiful, natural surroundings, in peace and free from harm.

In November, SASHA Farm nominated Henry for the first Humane Youth Award. Recently, we were overjoyed to learn that Henry had won the award.

From Carla Van Kampen, a curator of Education for the Detroit Zoological Society, in her blog:

“Henry was nominated for the award by staff at SASHA Farm, a sanctuary and safe haven for farm animals in Manchester, Michigan. They were so impressed by Henry’s commitment to protecting wildlife and engaging his community to join his efforts, which included a birthday fundraising campaign for SASHA Farm.

“The DZS’s Humane Youth Award was made possible by the Berman Endowment for Humane Education as an opportunity to highlight the work of young individuals whose compassion for animals has made an impact in their communities. In addition to his support for SASHA Farm, Henry maintains a vegan lifestyle, engages his friends in animal advocacy and raises money for animal welfare organizations. He is helping people help animals, which is the mission of the DZS’s Berman Academy for Humane Education, as well as this inaugural award.

“The Academy accomplishes this goal through education, community workshops and outreach, providing people with information and tools to make knowledgeable decisions on how to walk softly and treat the Earth’s creatures gently. It is through the Academy that the Detroit Zoological Society is able to continue to support the work with SASHA Farm that Henry began, through a donation on Henry’s behalf.

“We, along with many of Henry’s references, see so much potential in him, and know that he will continue to have a positive impact on the lives of animals in the future.”

Everyone at SASHA Farm sends our deepest gratitude for Henry’s wonderful efforts to raise funds for the animals, and huge congratulations on winning the Detroit Zoological Society’s first Humane Youth Award! 🎉

You can find the Detroit Zoological Society’s entire blog posting on this award HERE.

Above: Henry meets one of the chicks from Philadelphia at SASHA Farm this fall.

Below: Henry and one of the Jersey Five say “hi”!