Beat the Winter Blahs with a SASHA Sponsorship!

All farmed animals who live at SASHA Farm are available to be sponsored, and they are eagerly waiting to hear from YOU. Do you have a favorite? Or do you love them all? Check out our Facebook page to see pictures and videos of many of the animals or visit us at our upcoming Spring Social on May 12th to find that very special animal who really needs your love and compassion. You will also find some featured animals in the Meet the Animals tab on the website, with more to come – a work in progress.

Sponsorships are a great way to make that connection to the individuals at SASHA Farm, and through your sponsorship, you will learn about their stories, their unique personalities, and more about the species to which they belong. SASHA Sponsorships range from $100 for a Helping Hand Sponsorship to $1000 or more for a SASHA Star Sponsorship.  Click HERE to learn all about the various sponsorship levels and the benefits of each.

Pictured above are five sweet pigs who arrived at SASHA Farm from North Carolina with lots of help from our friends. Before their rescue, these girls were in danger. They were considered too sick and tiny, unfit for consumer profit. They were sentenced to be gassed and left for dead. Luckily, some compassionate friends rescued them, and they were taken to Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge in North Carolina, where they were lovingly cared for until well enough to make their trip to Michigan. Now, the piglets are lively, happy, and stealing the hearts of everyone they meet. Three of the five still need one more thing to make their lives complete: a NAME!!  Click HERE to sign up for a Pasture Partner or higher level sponsorship which comes with “Naming Rights”.

But if a Pasture Partner sponsorship is not in your current budget, don’t dismay. The Helping Hand sponsorship is a great way to start the process. Click HERE to start the sponsorship process. Don’t miss the wonderful experience of sponsoring a SASHA animal resident, and sponsorships make great gifts too!

Please direct sponsorship questions to We’ll answer email within a day, and we can normally put together your packet of sponsorship materials anywhere from 7 to 10 days.