Happy 3rd Birthday Sheldon!

Help us celebrate Sheldon’s 3rd birthday – March 13, 2019!

Sheldon lives at SASHA Farm, forever safe and cared for with love. And, he loves every minute of his life at SASHA, thanks to his young rescuer, Ruby. Three years ago, Ruby (then in 4H), was so taken by this beautiful lamb that she could not bear to see him sent to slaughter. She convinced her parents to buy him, and spent the night with Sheldon in their van so they could bring him to SASHA the next day. She still visits Sheldon several times a year, and donates the earnings from her dog walking business to sponsor him. HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY SHELDON and THANK YOU RUBY!

Sheldon and our other 300+ farmed animals are always happy to be sponsored, and any animal can have more than one sponsor. Visit the sponsorship tab on this website to learn more, or click HERE. Some of the animals at SASHA are featured under our Meet the Animals tab on this website. Check out our Facebook page for information on even more animals who call SASHA home. Email sponsorships@sashafarm.org if you have questions about sponsoring a SASHA animal resident.

Thanks for helping to make every birthday a happy one for Sheldon and all the other animals!

Ruby and Sheldon meeting up at the 2018 SASHA Farm Humane Fair

Sheldon loving the snow…winter of 2019!