Where would they be now had they not found a lifetime home at SASHA Farm?

Now, the pigs above are happy and safe at SASHA Farm.  From left to right, meet Karuna (whose name means “compassion” in Sanskrit), Humphrey, Ronnie, Gerdie (her name means “protected”), and Meadow. Humphrey  came to SASHA Farm with 2 other pigs and 5 cows, the only survivors of a cruelty and neglect case at a dairy farm in Livingston County, Michigan where 70 other animals died of starvation.

Karuna, Ronnie, Gerdie and Meadow were surrendered by a farmer in North Carolina. They were being raised for meat and somehow survived Hurricane Florence as piglets,  but were small and sickly, so of no value to the farmer.  He was going to have them gassed, but a compassionate person stepped in and got them to safety and back to good health. Once recovered, they traveled to Michigan and joined the SASHA Family. Now they love every minute of their lives with the other SASHA pigs and the incredibly loving staff and volunteers who know them all by name.

Everyone knows and loves Bhima, a Gyr Ox whose name means “tremendous”.  The breed is originally from India and known for its distinctive hump.  But unlike a camel’s hump, the Gyr Ox hump is tissue/fat, and could be used as nourishment if food was scarce.

Bhima was born in November of 2010, and he and his brother, Dharma, were being raised on a Michigan farm to pull a plow.  But, the owner of the farm sold the property to a man who did not want cows.  Unable to find another farm to place Bhima and Dharma, the owner agreed to surrender them to SASHA Farm in August 2013.

Sadly, Dharma suffered from chronic pneumonia and passed away a few months after arriving. But Bhima continues to thrive at SASHA Farm, now weighs about 2000 pounds, and is now known all over the world.  Due to an infection, Bhima’s horns had to be removed in 2017 in a difficult and rare operation by the Michigan State University Veterinary Hospital, but his now floppy ears add to his “huge puppy” persona. He is the beloved SASHA Farm “mascot”, a gentle loving giant, with a face and “voice” which speaks for farmed animals everywhere.

We love you Bhima!

Meet Axl, a “fighting” rooster. He was part of a cock fighting ring in Ohio which was broken up by law enforcement, and SASHA Farm was contacted to take the roosters. Axl can be feisty, so he has his own roomy quarters and he has learned to walk on a leash. He gets plenty of leash time walking in the pasture with his favorite volunteer, Katie.

Thank you to the SASHA staff and volunteers who give every individual the respect, space, and loving care that they need to be themselves and live as they deserve to live.

A Jacob ram, Dave Ramsey was retired from a petting zoo after the other rams began bullying him, and there was talk of euthanisia since he was no longer of use to them. SASHA was told about him by a former volunteer, and she helped to bring him to SASHA Farm. He has a distinctive bleat and a sweet and loving personality. This senior ram is beloved by volunteers, staff, and supporters everywhere. Now he even has his own t-shirt to honor him!

Gracie was acquired by a SASHA volunteer who wanted to rescue a turkey for his home. He found a farmer breeding turkeys for Thanksgiving who was in over his head with the number of birds. in time, this volunteer felt Gracie would be better off in the flock at SASHA Farm, so Gracie joined the SASHA Family a couple of years ago. She was bred to gain weight quickly, so her frame has become too much for her feet and legs. With the help of our compassionate supporters, she now has a specially made wheelchair so she can remain mobile. Thank you to all who have donated for Gracie’s wheelchair!

Faye was a factory farm hen who escaped her fate by coming to SASHA Farm. Now she is an individual with a name, much loved, and known by all her fans as the “chuckling” chicken. She is so happy to be alive and free at last.

These three handsome roosters are (left to right) Kevin, Nick and Joe. They were part of a 2018 rescue,  and now every day at SASHA Farm is a good day for them. There is nothing more peaceful than being around these loving and curious beings.

Daisy Belle is a female Holstein, a twin born on a dairy farm. Her male twin was removed by the farmer to be raised and sold for meat, but Daisy Belle was assumed to be sterile (as are most female Holstein twins), and she also had congenital cataracts.

If she had been healthy, her fate would have been as a milk cow, artificially inseminated over and over, with her babies taken from her every time,  until she was spent and taken to slaughter.

But, Daisy’s fate as a female who could not reproduce was also dire:  she was put in a pen, not fed, and left to die.  A kindly neighbor convinced the farmer to let her take the calf. Daisy Belle arrived at SASHA at the age of only three weeks, and was bottle fed for many months.  She had many health issues, including pneumonia.  Although she will always be small, she is now healthy, and very playful and curious about everything around her.  She often hangs out with her good pals Bhima and the Jersey Boys.

The world would be a darker place without this very special someone.

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