WORLD VEGAN DAY: For the Animals

Did you know that we celebrate World Vegan Day every year on November 1st?  Buford, the beautiful Holstein looking at the camera, loves to celebrate the day! He and his pals were among 8 survivors (out of 70+ animals) rescued from a  cruelty and neglect case at a small dairy farm in Michigan, and now they are all living the good life at SASHA Farm.

CNN reported, “Friday, November 1 (2019) marks 75 years since the founding of The Vegan Society by English animal rights advocate Donald Watson and his associates, who defined and popularized modern veganism.”

Many of you reading this blog are already vegans, although some of you may be “emerging vegans”, or  just curious about the plant-based diet that seems to be drawing lots of attention these days.

There are several great reasons to go vegan:

  • It’s good for the planet -To make headway at stopping the climate crisis, we need to stop eating meat and change the way we mange land.
  • It’s good for your health – For example, studies show that you’ll most likely live longer, and it significantly lowers your risk of type 2 diabetes, as well as cardiovascular disease.
  • It will stop animal cruelty.

We at SASHA Farm have almost 300 animal residents who would love to tell you what they think about veganism. So we chose just two from the “SASHA Family” who wanted to show you how good life can be now that they are safe and loved forever,  no longer subjected to neglect,  cruelty and ultimate slaughter.

Life at SASHA Farm means pastures to run in with others of their own species, plenty of food, a safe and warm place to sleep at night, medical care, and living at a sanctuary where they are individuals whose lives MATTER.

So, look closely at Buford and friends above, and at Moo below. Then, if you are not vegan, ask yourself “WHY NOT??” If you are, let the world know why you have chosen to be a vegan. These animals will thank you forever.

Moo, a beautiful polled Hereford, was born on Long Island in 2006. He was destined for slaughter until he broke away from a transport truck, and ran free for a few days, stopping traffic and creating quite a scene.  He was finally captured on a busy beach, and his release was negotiated by a local citizen. With the help of Farm Sanctuary, Moo came to SASHA Farm to live out his life forever safe from harm.