Valentine's Day Benefit Dinner for the Animals at The Lunch Room!

Valentine's Day Dinner Flyer

Join us for a delicious meal prepared by our friends at The Lunch Room in Ann Arbor, MI and help raise funds for the animals. We have VERY limited seating for this event.Only 35 spots are available. Reserve your ticket by February 5th. We are still finalizing menu info and expect to post it ASAP.

Reserve your tickets here

“It’s horrible,” one veterinarian said, tossing the remains into a barrel to be dumped in a vast excavation called the dead pit.

The New York Times recently exposed that tax dollars are used to fund cruel experiments on farmed animals at the little known US Meat Animal Research Center in Nebraska.
More than 7,000 animals have died due to starvation, cruel genetic manipulation, lack of veterinary care. For a facility that is supposed to be "state of the art", having more than 6,500 animals die of starvation is gross neglect and cruelty.
Please sign and then share this petition, asking the Secretary of Agriculture to shut down the US Meat Animal Research Center.




SASHA Farm Co-Hosts a FREE Special Limited Screening Of An Award-Winning Documentary

Ghosts in the Machine

Join us and other hosts from local animal advocacy organizations.

Enjoy a free plant-based lunch and a Skype Q&A session with film lead Jo-Anne McArthur.

Following the journey of award-winning animal rights photojournalist, Jo-Anne McArthur, “The Ghosts in Our Machine” illuminates the plight of animals—from captive foxes to diary cows—rescued from and living within the machine of our world.
Seating was limited to 40 spots and those have been filled and we are working to include 10-20 more. Space is very limited. Please RSVP to

Disappointing News for Ducks and Geese. California’s Foie Gras Ban Was Overturned.

Yesterday California’s foie gras ban was overturned today by U.S. District Court Judge Stephen Wilson in Los Angeles. "He ruled that the ban, passed in 2004 and in effect as of 2012, illegally encroaches on the regulatory domain of the federal government. The Poultry Products Inspection Act, which is a federal law, regulates the sale and distribution of the bodies and body parts of tormented birds, and unfortunately, forbids states from imposing particular conditions on production."


Foie gras producers shove pipes down ducks’ throats to force feed them far more than they would ever eat. The force feeding can cause bruises, lacerations, and sores. The duck’s livers may grow to ten times the normal size. (Humane Society of the United States)


An appeal to this ruling is possible but we will have to see what happens. Please try to educate others about this inhumane practice.

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