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SASHA Farm Animal Sanctuary, along with several other rescue organizations, recently helped to rescue over 300 animals in Calhoun County, Michigan.  Hundreds of animals were living in unsanitary conditions, stuffed into crates, and filthy aquariums.  No food, no water, starving, and neglected is merely an abbreviated description of the condition these animals were found in when we arrived.  

We saved approximately 100 animals.  Now we must begin their rehabilitation.  It will take a lot of extra time, work, and money.  We need your help to provide them with the medical attention and food they desperately need.  Please make a donation for their care.  Your efforts help us with our efforts.  

The animals have suffered enough. It's now time for them to be healthy, happy, and loved.

Join Us For the 2015 SASHA Farm Benefit Banquet!

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Join us on Friday, November 13 for our Annual Benefit Banquet for the SASHA Farm animals. We'll have speakers, live entertainment, live and silent auctions, vegan dinner and cash bar. To donate items to the auction contact Purchase tickets online here:

or you can mail a check to:


P.O. Box 222

Manchester, MI 48158.

We'll Always Remember Helen


Meet Our 13 New Additions to SASHA Farm!

Chicks 2015

These little sweethearts were transferred to us from Michigan Duck Rescue and Sanctuary last Thursday after they were found on the tarmac at Detroit Metro Airport. The people who found the chicks at the airport said the mother and a few chicks were run over. These 13 chicks remained there. We would like to thank Matt at Michigan Duck Rescue and Sanctuary for taking them in and keeping them safe until they were brought to SASHA Farm. Now we begin deciding on airline-themed names. :)

Disappointing News for Ducks and Geese. California’s Foie Gras Ban Was Overturned.

Yesterday California’s foie gras ban was overturned today by U.S. District Court Judge Stephen Wilson in Los Angeles. "He ruled that the ban, passed in 2004 and in effect as of 2012, illegally encroaches on the regulatory domain of the federal government. The Poultry Products Inspection Act, which is a federal law, regulates the sale and distribution of the bodies and body parts of tormented birds, and unfortunately, forbids states from imposing particular conditions on production."


Foie gras producers shove pipes down ducks’ throats to force feed them far more than they would ever eat. The force feeding can cause bruises, lacerations, and sores. The duck’s livers may grow to ten times the normal size. (Humane Society of the United States)


An appeal to this ruling is possible but we will have to see what happens. Please try to educate others about this inhumane practice.

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