On the loose in North Dakota

Bound for slaughter in Casselton, ND, Fargo got loose and spent a good 4 hours wandering the local neighborhood. He made an appearance in a number of suburban back yards. The story made local news and even a news station in Chicago. A man in Chicago who is a big animal lover knew he had to help this steer. He felt that surely a steer who got loose was destined to have his freedom. The Chicago man called the farmer and asked him to spare the steer if he could find a home for him. The farmer agreed. The Chicago man called us and we knew we had to help this steer. The Chicago man and his sister, also an animal lover gave a very generous contribution to help us get Fargo. Making a 14 hour trip from Michigan to North Dakota, co-founder Monte Jackson picked up the steer and brought him home to us.

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