Meet Penguin! A Very Special Rooster


Hello. I'm Penguin. I was born with my legs (at about the knee area) attached to my breast area by thin attachments of skin. I was in good shape otherwise. A vet tech took me home for further treatment. She was able to persuade a vet that she worked with to perform the surgery I needed. After a 2 hour surgical procedure to release my legs I coded on the table. After performing CPCR (mouth – beak) and additional medical intervention, I started to breathe again (I was just beginning to think I that it was the end). The procedure was performed on December 19. I have recovered very well and I am learning to use my new legs, but I will never be a normal walking boy.
I like to be hand fed and I have decided that I like being a lap rooster. Not only have I gone through major surgery, but before coming to my previous caretaker’s house I was part of a group of 15 birds that were stolen from the farm in the dead of the night last September. After some media coverage and appeals to the public we were returned, 5 of us chickens showed up at the local police station a couple of weeks later with a note stating that the other birds would be returned as well. Fortunately I was one of the 5, the other 10 have not been recovered. 
I love my new home at SASHA Farm! I have many wonderful volunteers that come to give me affectionate and feed me everyday. I am grateful that so many people let me have a chance at life instead of euthanizing me. I need to thank the vet tech, the doctor that did the surgery and SASHA Farm for giving me my forever home. If you would like to help SASHA Farm build me a special enclosure just for my needs please donate here.

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