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Each animal who lives at SASHA Farm arrives with a story to tell. Most have been neglected or abused, some have been abandoned to fend for themselves, and many bear the scars of their pasts, either physically or emotionally, but when they arrive at SASHA Farm, they begin to heal. Our staff and volunteers provide compassionate care and nourishment to heal their bodies, and maybe more importantly, members of their own species help them develop a sense of security and belonging that heals the spirit. We see remarkable transformations nearly every week. Animals who cowered in fear from our outstretched hands when they first arrived soon greet us confidently each morning. The distrust in their eyes is replaced with curiosity or calm. It's truly a magical thing to witness, and we know that we are just as lucky as they are to experience it. 


At SASHA Farm the animals come first and because we have a limited amount of staff and volunteers we do not have regular visiting hours for the public.

The best way to meet the residents of SASHA Farm is to attend one our on-site events, but if you can't, you can still get to know them and read their stories by clicking on the links on the top right side of this page. Maybe one will touch your heart and you'll decide to become a sponsor. 

Upcoming Events

Summer Fun Day 2014
August 3rd, 2014

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Sponsor an Animal!


At SASHA Farm, we provide life long care for almost 300 farmed animals. This is a big job, and you can help in a big way! Your sponsorship will help us provide food, veterinary care and a safe permanent home for the animal of your choosing and their friends.


Each animal has a sad story to tell of their lives before arriving at SASHA Farm. Browse through the animal profiles to get to know a few of our residents better and see how their lives have changed for the better since arriving at the sanctuary.


Animal sponsorships start at just $30. When one touches your heart, you can sponsor that animal here. You may also print that page and send your payment to PO Box 222, Manchester, MI 48158. Of course, not all the animal residents can be listed online, so you can also choose a species and let us select the individual most in need of a sponsor. You will receive a wonderful sponsor package including a certificate, letter, and photo within about two weeks.


Sponsorships also make great gifts! 

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