The Ann Arbor Sheep's Two Woolly Little Secrets

A month after arriving at SASHA Farm Animal Sanctuary, the Ann Arbor sheep has a home, a few dozen servants, and a name. Mata Hari had a huge neck wound has almost completely healed, and she’s learned that her visitors often come bearing gifts of grain, fresh vegetables and Zingerman’s bread. Her ravenous appetite surprised and delighted her new fans, but it wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago that we began to suspect there was a good reason for her constant hunger. On the evening of February 28th, almost exactly a month after her January 29th arrival, our suspicions were confirmed by the arrival of two perfect little boy lambs.

Named Art and Van, in honor of the furniture store whose employees generously fed her for weeks, alerted us to her presence and allowed us to set up the pen behind their store where she was eventually rescued, the boys are healthy, curious little things who are very attached to their devoted mom. Because SASHA Farm is a sanctuary where there is no breeding, births are a joyful rarity and we’re all enjoying watching Mom and babies bond.

Unlike most other farmed animals, these two lambs will live their entire lives with their family, never knowing the fear of separation. They will run and play in a verdant pasture with others of their own kind. They will always have nutritious, abundant food, clean water, and their medical needs will be met. They will grow old and eventually die peacefully in the place of their birth. Because their mother escaped from whatever bleak future her original owner had in store for her and her offspring, she has given them the priceless gift of sanctuary.


The new boys will need sponsors. More pictures can be seen on our Facebook fan page.


The happy family

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