SASHA Farm Rescues Two Sheep Abandoned in Clarkston


It's been a busy week at SASHA Farm! We've been travelling back and forth from Manchester, where we're located, to Clarkston in pursuit of two sheep whom area residents reported had taken up residence in a series of connected yards in a neighborhood subdivision. 


After a failed attempt at tranquilizing the mother-daughter pair on Monday, we went back Tuesday and set up a pen in one resident's back yard, baited it with hay, grain and carrots, and instructed the family to quickly close the gate when the sheep settled inside. Less than 24 hours later, they called with the good news that the sheep were contained inside the pen!


It's not easy to caught fast little sheep even inside a pen, though. News cameras were on hand to film the rescue, so you can all see for yourselves!


Mom and daughter are doing well, eating resting and waiting to be released into their new herd!

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