A Sad Goodbye to Beloved Cat Barn Volunteer, Harold Ward

Harold and his cats

It is with great sadness and sympathy that we inform you of the passing of long time volunteer Harold Ward of Ypsilanti. Harold died of lung cancer. He was 83.

Harold and his wife Jane were among the first SASHA volunteers, coming regularly to help out before we were even an official non-profit organization. They helped establish the cat barn, provided most of the funding to feed and house the cats, and drove from their home in Ypsilanti to spend several hours here three times a week. In addition to their devotion to the cats of SASHA Farm, Harold spent hours each week going to local grocery stores, salvaging produce and bread that was otherwise destined for the dumpsters to help feed the farm animals. The animals, especially the pigs, quickly learned that the sight of his big white van pulling into the driveway meant that something yummy would soon be filling their food dishes. Harold and Jane were the first ever SASHA Volunteers of the Year.

Some of you are aware that Harold's wife Jane, also a beloved fixture in the cat barn, recently had hip surgery. In addition to caring for Harold and her daughter Judy, who has also been struggling with health issues, the cats at SASHA Farm and her own cats, she also helps take care of the strays in her neighborhood, and at least one friendly neighborhood raccoon. She is truly an amazing woman. She is currently staying in a rehabilitation facility while she recovers from surgery, and we know it would brighten her day to receive cards, either condolences or just "Get Well Soon." 

You may send your cards to SASHA Farm and we'll pass them along to her.

Jane Ward

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Manchester, MI 48158

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