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New Turkeys

Late Sunday evening we were called out to rescue 12 domestic turkeys. They were left behind at a house where the owners had a domestic dispute. The people had not been living in the house for some time. We loaded up the turkeys and brought them back to the sanctuary to feed them and warm them up as it had been a chilly and rainy evening. They are very sweet and super curious birds. We will be doing a special sponsorship opportunity for these guys so stay tuned. More info coming soon.

End Chickens as Kaporos!

End Chickens as Kaporos!

Before Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement, hundreds of thousands of observant Jews across the world partake in Kaporos, a religious ritual in which participants swing live chickens around their heads while saying a prayer to transfer their sins to the animals. After the ceremony, a ritual slaughterer cuts their throats and stuffs them into inverted cones, garbage bags or dumpsters where they bleed to death, taking the sins with them.
Each year, dozens of activists protest at Kaporos sites in Brooklyn, which is home to tens of thousands of Orthodox Jews. During the protests, activists plead with participants to perform the ritual with coins intend of live chickens, an option offered in Jewish scripture. The participants argue that live chickens must be used, according to God.
What angers and mobilizes activists is not only the barbaric ritual but also the conditions in which the animals are held for days. Stuffed into milk crates, the chickens are unable to move and are deprived of food, water, protection from the elements and the ability to clean off the urine and feces of the chickens stacked above them. It is in this weakened state that participants grab them by their fragile wings, often breaking them, and perform the ritual.

This year SASHA Farm will hopefully be involved in helping save some of these Kaporos chickens. For more information on how you can help visit this website: http://www.endchickensaskaporos.com/

Join us in a Fast Against Slaughter!

Monte Fasting

World Day for Farmed Animals is October 2nd. The SASHA Farm staff and volunteers will fast in solidarity with the BILLIONS of animals starved on their way to their brutal slaughter

Most farmed animals are starved for hours, even days, as they are being transported to slaughter. In remembrance and solidarity with their tremendous suffering, we invite you to join activists across the world in a Fast Against Slaughter on October 2nd. Sign up here: http://dayforanimals.org/pledge

Meet Rosie the Emu!

Rosie the emu

This is Rosie our new emu. Rosie was one of 26 emus that a couple in Illinois had. We assume they may have been running an emu farm. Emus are raised for their meat, oil and feathers. When the couple divorced the emus went to a shelter and were then placed in new homes. We discovered a ring pierced through her back that may have been for a tag. We removed it. Her days of being someone's property are over. Now all Rosie needs is a sponsor. Become hers today: http://sashafarm.org/node/391

SASHA Farm Director Dorothy Davies Interviewed In VegNews Magazine!

Congratulations to our Founder and Director Dorothy Davies for her interview in the new issue of VegNews Magazine. The article is called "Women Who Run Sanctuaries." http://mobile.epaperflip.com/?docid=04e18928-3985-4d35-ad8a-a347014fddd5&page=0#{}

Veg News Magazine

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Director Dorothy Davies Featured in VegNews Magazine!

Veg News Magazine

Read the article here!

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