Disappointing News for Ducks and Geese. California’s Foie Gras Ban Was Overturned.

Yesterday California’s foie gras ban was overturned today by U.S. District Court Judge Stephen Wilson in Los Angeles. "He ruled that the ban, passed in 2004 and in effect as of 2012, illegally encroaches on the regulatory domain of the federal government. The Poultry Products Inspection Act, which is a federal law, regulates the sale and distribution of the bodies and body parts of tormented birds, and unfortunately, forbids states from imposing particular conditions on production."


Foie gras producers shove pipes down ducks’ throats to force feed them far more than they would ever eat. The force feeding can cause bruises, lacerations, and sores. The duck’s livers may grow to ten times the normal size. (Humane Society of the United States)


An appeal to this ruling is possible but we will have to see what happens. Please try to educate others about this inhumane practice.

Have you heard about Veganuary?


Veganuary is a great way to try going vegan for a month and get the tools to continue beyond that month. Pledge with thousands of others to go vegan and reduce the suffering of billions of animals, help the planet and adopt healthier eating choices. The Veganuary website packs so many useful tools for the newcomer to going vegan:

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Meet One of Our Newest Residents, Sherry!

Sherry the Sheep 2015

Before Thanksgiving we received many phone calls about two sheep "on the loose" in Ann Arbor. With the help of some Ann Arbor residents the SASHA Farm staff caught Sherry after a few weeks of patience and building a corral. Sherry had been marked with paint indicating she was meant to be slaughtered. Sherry's partner is still out there. He has access to food so we hope he can survive until he is caught and brought to safety. Now Sherry has settled in and is just one of the gang when she struts around with the rest of the flock. We are so pleased to have her at the sanctuary.


UPDATE: As of Wednesday, January 7 Sherry's companion, the other sheep has been seen again in the same area of Ann Arbor. With temperatures dipping to single digits with wind chills of up to -15 degrees we are concerned for his well being. We hope to catch him soon and get him into the warm shelter of a barn at SASHA Farm.

Happy New Year!

Tod in New Year's Hat

2014 was a busy year for us and we could not have done it without our supporters. Thank you! We'd love to have your support carry on in 2015.

Adopt A Turkey and Teach Compassion This Thanksgiving.

Adopt a turkey 2014

Every year millions of turkeys are killed for meat. Thanksgiving is no celebration for turkeys. The day marks a dangerous disconnect in us humans. We mark a day of giving thanks for what we have with the slaughter of another living being. Turkeys are social, intelligent birds that deserve a full life of freedom. Turkeys on factory farms are bred to so big they have bone and joint problems and are prone to fatal heart attacks.They have their beaks and part of their toes seared off. They are denied the ability to roost and fully extend their wings. They are killed around just five months old. Countless times undercover workers have documented slaughterhouse workers kicking, punching, stomping and swinging the birds around breaking their bones. The workers leave them suffering in pain on the slaughterhouse floor.

There are 13 turkeys that call SASHA Farm home. These turkeys are lucky to have the safety and comfort of a life at a  sanctuary but most turkeys are not afforded any more than abuse and death. Consider adopting a SASHA Farm turkey and your sponsorship will go toward the food and care for our turkeys. It will also help us rescue more turkeys lives. To adopt a turkey you can click here: https://secure.acceptiva.com/?cst=58bddc

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