Join us in a Fast Against Slaughter!

Monte Fasting

World Day for Farmed Animals is October 2nd. The SASHA Farm staff and volunteers will fast in solidarity with the BILLIONS of animals starved on their way to their brutal slaughter

Most farmed animals are starved for hours, even days, as they are being transported to slaughter. In remembrance and solidarity with their tremendous suffering, we invite you to join activists across the world in a Fast Against Slaughter on October 2nd. Sign up here:

Meet Rosie the Emu!

Rosie the emu

This is Rosie our new emu. Rosie was one of 26 emus that a couple in Illinois had. We assume they may have been running an emu farm. Emus are raised for their meat, oil and feathers. When the couple divorced the emus went to a shelter and were then placed in new homes. We discovered a ring pierced through her back that may have been for a tag. We removed it. Her days of being someone's property are over. Now all Rosie needs is a sponsor. Become hers today:

Become A SASHA Farm Member!


membership card

Thank you for choosing to become a SASHA Farm Member! We appreciate your commitment to the SASHA Farm animals. Your Membership fee will go toward the funds needed to care for our rescued animals and you get a card to show you are a proud supporter. You can get your membership here.

Choose Your Membership Level:

$100.00   Silver Level Membership Card
Includes Membership Card and mention on the SASHA Farm website.

10% off at The Lunch Room in Ann Arbor, MI.

10% off at Detroit Vegan Soul in Detroit, MI.

$500.00   Gold Level Membership Card
Includes Membership Card and mention on the Annual Banquet Program and the SASHA Farm website.

10% off at The Lunch Room in Ann Arbor, MI.

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$100 Level Members

Allison Hess

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Scott Balko

Sponsor a SASHA Farm animal!


Sponsor an Animal!

At SASHA Farm, we provide life long care for almost 300 farmed animals. This is a big job and you can help in a big way! Your sponsorship will help us provide food, veterinary care, and a safe permanent home for the animal of your choosing and their friends.

Each animal has a sad story to tell of their lives before arriving at SASHA Farm. Browse through the animal profiles to get to know a few of our residents better and see how their lives have changed for the better since arriving at the sanctuary.

Animal sponsorships start at just $100. When one touches your heart, you can sponsor that animal here. You may also print that page and send your payment to PO Box 222, Manchester, MI 48158. Of course, not all the animal residents can be listed online, so you can also choose a species and let us select the individual most in need of a sponsor. You will receive a wonderful sponsorship package within about two weeks.

Sponsorship Levels:

$100    Helping Hand

            Emailed certificate

            Emailed picture

            Invitation to appreciation day

$250    Barn Buddy

            Mailed certificate

SASHA Farm Director Dorothy Davies Interviewed In VegNews Magazine!

Congratulations to our Founder and Director Dorothy Davies for her interview in the new issue of VegNews Magazine. The article is called "Women Who Run Sanctuaries."{}

Veg News Magazine

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Director Dorothy Davies Featured in VegNews Magazine!

Veg News Magazine

Read the article here!

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