Former Cockfighting Roosters Seized in Cleveland Will Receive Rehabilitation and A New Life

Former Cockfighting Roosters

On June 19, 2014 twelve new roosters arrived at SASHA Farm and things would never be the same. We are learning about the horrific things people do to roosters just for their entertainment. In May we received an email from the Cleveland Animal Protective League about some very special roosters that needed to be placed in new homes. We were committed to helping. Fifteen total birds were seized from a disbanded cockfighting ring. Most of the birds bear the sad appearance of shaved bellies and legs, clipped spurs, combs cut-off and missing eyes and/or blindness. These cruel alterations and injuries followed these reported circumstances:

Blind Cow Born On A Dairy Farm Escapes Euthanasia!

Stevie the Cow_Intro

A few months ago we received an email from a city in Northern Michigan about a blind cow born on a dairy farm. The woman who contacted us was the farmer’s daughter. The farmer wanted to euthanize the cow but his daughter would not let him. She pleaded with him and kept him alive for a year. She wanted to find a place for Stevie where someone would take the time to work with disability. We agreed to take Stevie because his circumstance is so unique and we know special needs animals can be hard to place.

Stevie is a year old and has learned to depend on his hearing to compensate for his blindness. He also has begun to learn the perimeter of his new barn and yard. He knows where his food is but with every step we take we have to remain consistent with all that we do for Stevie. Stevie’s accommodations will always have to be taken into consideration to maintain that he has a good quality of life. Cows can live to be in their 20’s. Stevie will need a lifetime of care. At SASHA Farm we realize the importance and the challenges of taking on special needs animals. Despite the hard work that goes into doing that we would not have it any other way. When people are blind we do not simply discard them so why should we do that to animals?

Sheep Destined for Slaughter Is Rescued!

Runaround Sue_Intro

For Immediate Release

Sheep Destined for Slaughter on the Loose in Saline Neighborhood Is Rescued by Local Michigan Farm Animal Sanctuary-SASHA Farm.

Manchester, Michigan – July 4, 2014

On the early morning of June 21, 2014 SASHA Farm employees headed to a Saline neighborhood to help catch a sheep that had been tromping through everyone’s backyard for a couple weeks. After spending all morning chasing after her with the help of a few neighborhood residents she was caught and loaded into the SASHA Farm trailer.

Over a week ago SASHA Farm began receiving calls from the Humane Society and Saline residents reporting that a sheep was on the loose and attempts to catch her were unsuccessful. A family purchased the sheep to slaughter for meat and she was kept in their yard until she broke free. The sheep has tags on each ear and spray paint down her back, so she was clearly marked for slaughter. The family realized the sheep was causing problems by running loose through their neighbor’s yards. They asked us to help catch her but we only agreed if she was surrendered to us so we could see to it she was never slaughtered.

It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Our Friends

Goodbye George and Manette

Sometimes you never see it coming. Sometimes you do. Life throws these curve balls that come in the form of loss. Yesterday we felt this loss hit us very hard. We lost two very good friends, George the emu and Manette the cat.

George was found wandering loose in Sharon Township a few years ago. No one ever stepped forward to claim him so he got to keep his new home at SASHA Farm. Awhile later we got another call to rescue an emu on the loose. We named him Dundee. Although George and Dundee had a few tense moments that quickly gave way to a friendship that lasted for a few years. George and Dundee became brothers. The emu brothers were two of the most popular animals at SASHA Farm. Now that George is gone Dundee is very lost. He misses his brother and friend. Although he is surrounded by other animals at the farm we sense he feels very alone right now. George had been sick over the winter and after vet visits, medication and a lot of consultations on his condition no one could diagnose his illness. However, when the snow melted and he got back outside he improved and we were hopeful. His recovery was short lived and he started to decline again. Now we have lost him and his absence does not go unnoticed. Having to break the news to our volunteers was the hardest. He was loved by so many and now when they arrive to say good morning to him George will not be there. It's heartbreaking but George leaves behind a legacy and that is: Emus like hugs and if you ever hugged one you know that you've made a friend.

Help Us Find A Forever Home for Bonnie Blue and Rasta Angel!

dogs for adoption may 2014

We need your help! Our friend Michelle needs to rehome her two sweet pups. Bonnie Blue, age 6 came to Michelle at eight weeks old from a nearby shelter. She is a very special girl who aims to please. Rasta Angel is a two-year-old Shepherd mix, male who came to Michelle from a very irresponsible young man who took her out of the Humane Society Shelter, however, could not take care of her. He is delightful, loving and playful, and loves to run. Both have exceptional temperaments, are fast learners, and respond well to positive discipline, and love to do tricks for treats. Michelle is willing to help financially support the dogs initially and they are up-to-date with all their veterinary care. Michelle recently married and unfortunately her new husband is terribly allergic to her dogs. Since they began living together he began suffering with a terrible allergic reaction causing significant respiratory problems, where he suffers from bronchospasms daily, with difficulty sleeping, despite medication. It's terrible to have to make choices like this, however, Michelle's hopes are that she can find good homes for her dogs. If you can give these sweet dogs a forever home email Michelle at If you can't please share the info with someone you know who might be able to help. Thank you!

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