Meet Huey the Pygmy Goat!

Huey the Goat

Late yesterday we got a new arrival. His name is Huey and he is just adorable! His previous caretakers were struggling to keep caring for him as one of them developed cancer. The couple live locally and knew that SASHA Farm would be the best place for Huey. Most definitely because Huey will have lots of goat friends and volunteers that will adore him. He is curious and friendly and will fit in just great. Since Huey is new he would love a sponsor or a donation for his food and/or vet care. Best of all you can meet him this Sunday at the Fall Tour!

Join Us For A Fall Tour!


fall tour

Join us this Sunday fora tour of the farm.Meet out new sheep Eminem and enjoy the afternoon with the animals. The tour starts promptly at 1pm. $10 donation per person required. SASHA Farm is located at 17901 Mahrle Rd. Manchester, MI 48158

Running For Your Life Down 8 Mile


Have You Seen Our Hen Video Yet?

You may have followed the rescue story from the very beginning but we wanted to take the video footage from our journey and create a finished project. Our fabulous volunteer Daniel used his video expertise to put it all together for us. Our Director, Dorothy Davies discusses what life is like for the average battery-cage hen. Now that the hens have their freedom they are enjoying the things they were never able to do before. It's a very touching story for all of us.

Meet the New Additions to SASHA Farm!

New cows September 2013

Back in June we received a phone call about some cows and oxen that needed to be relocated or would be sent to slaughter. The property these animals lived on has been sold. There were two caregivers, one for the oxen and one for the cows. The caregiver for the oxen finally agreed to surrender them to SASHA Farm but the caregiver for other cows was not so anxious. He was so used to selling his cows to slaughter for the past 30 years that he did not see these animals as anything more than dollar signs. However, with the help of a generous donor's persuasion, he gave up the cows. Two moms and their babies found their way to our sanctuary free from the possibility of ever going to slaughter again. We welcome Apple, Little White Heart, Emma and Webb to our family!

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