In Search of the Perfect Foster for Jackson!



"Jackson" is a medium-sized male 12-year-old black and white Border Collie/Chow mix (mostly black with white dalmatian-like markings on his belly and one leg). He was 'rescue/adopted' in 2001 from Cascades Humane Society (birth month was recorded as June).  People typically react to him by asking to pet the 'puppy' because he looks so youthful!


Jackson's caregiver suffered a stroke on June 22 and was not found until June 24. Since that date Jackson has lived at home without his caregiver and lifelong companion. Jackson has traveled to Jackson, Michigan to visit his caregiver three times at the rehab facility and his caregiver has said that for him, this was GOOD MEDICINE.

Jackson's caregiver is making good progress in regaining strength and use of his left arm and left leg.  He is anticipating carotid artery surgery as soon as his neurologist determines that it is safe to go ahead.  The medical prognosis we hear is, "time will
tell." We remain hopeful that the day will come when Jackson and his caregiver can live together again, however this may not be for at least another 6 months or a year--if ever.  They both deserve to make the very best of these precious days.


If you would like to help foster Jackson please contact Sylvia at: 517-673-2007

Great T-Shirt Design, Great Cause

underground faction

We would like to thank The Underground Faction. Right now if you buy this shirt they will give the proceeds to SASHA Farm. They have many other cool animal rights, music, and art t-shirts too. This is a great shirt design:

Welcome Our Indian Oxen, Bhima and Dharma!

bhima dharma


Several months ago we received a call from a member of the Michigan Society for Cow Protection or MISCOWP. We were told that the organization owned 2 Indian Oxen that they raised from being babies. The oxen along with 9 other cows were staying on the land of a friend. The time came when this landowner decided it was time to sell the property and the animals needed to go. The new property owner lacking compassion and patience wanted the oxen and cows gone asap and was in no way concerned with the fact that there was not a new home lined up for the animals.SASHA Farm was asked if it could help try to save these animals by providing them with a new home. Recently the oxen and other cows crossed over to an adjacent private property and the neighbors and new property owner threatened to shoot the animals. We understood this sudden urgent situation needed to be acted on fast. After 3 days of attempting to capture the oxen to load them in our trailer we were finally successful. We are still in negotiations to have the other cows, some of them babies, surrendered to us. The original property owner plans to send them to slaughter if they are not taken elsewhere. We will keep you posted when we know more.

Meet Heidi! The New Girl in the Horse Pasture.


Meet Our New Turkey Tommy!

On occasion we hear about farm animals on Craig's List being offered for free. Although these animals may sometimes be pets they can fall into the wrong hands and possibly end up on someone's dinner plate. When we heard about Tommy we knew we could provide a good, safe home that his previous caretakers would not have to worry about. His caretakers were moving to the city and although they have had him since he was little they unfortunately could not take him with them. Tommy has a new home now at SASHA Farm where he can just be a turkey. He now also has made 2 new friends our turkeys Charlie and Big Mouth. We are happy to have him. Welcome to your new home Tommy!

tommy the turkey

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