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We would like to thank John Carlisle for the wonderful article he wrote and for giving us the opportunity to be featured.


Meet the Cats of SASHA Farm In Need of Forever Homes!

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Welcome Our New Animals By Sponsoring Them!

This last weekend we welcomed 5 new animals to SASHA Farm. Meet Shania, a former dairy cow. Shania was not able to get pregnant but her caretakers did not want to send her to slaughter. We are glad they decided to let her come live out  her life at SASHA Farm. Olga was bought as a chick and when his caretaker realized he was a rooster and could not lay eggs they were seeking a new home for him and Helga, the hen. Ricky and Violet, the Bantam chickens were somebody's pets but their loud crowing was not allowed where they lived and they needed a new home. These new animals all need sponsors. Sponsorships help SASHA Farm with the animals care and you get a certificate for the specific animal you sponsor. Sponsor an animal here: https://secure.acceptiva.com/?cst=f59388

Today We Mourn the Loss of A Gentle Soul


Yesterday was a very difficult day for all of us at SASHA Farm. We lost a gentle giant named Puppy. He came to us in 2007. He was born on a dairy farm. He was taken from his mother at birth and confined in a veal crate, as all male calves are, so that his muscles wouldn't develop properly, ensuring his flesh would be a tender meal. Luckily, he was rescued by another sanctuary and adopted out as a companion animal for a couple in Michigan. When they could no longer keep him, they wanted to ensure his safety, so they asked if he could live at SASHA Farm.

Puppy began developing some lameness in his rear during the winter and his condition decreased as he developed nerve paralysis in one of his front legs. Mobility issues are very difficult for animals that weigh close to 1,000 pounds. We are grateful to have good veterinarians who tended to his needs and helped us understand his condition. Yesterday, as Puppy slipped away to rest after fighting to recover from his condition. Founders, Dorothy Davies and Monte Jackson were with him in his last moments. He went from coming into his life as a calf destined for slaughter to living free and being adored by all the staff, board members and volunteers at SASHA Farm. We all feel the loss of one of our most loved SASHA family members. Thank you to all the supporters who sponsored Puppy over the years. 

Call for Crafters and Bakers!

Due to previous success of our craft/bake sales to raise money for SASHA we are calling for donations of baked goods/craft items for our Fun Day event on August 11. A great opportunity to get exposure for your stuff. All items must be vegan-no animal products. For more information email mimi@sashafarm.org

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