WE KNEAD YOUR HELP! Donate your Vegan Treats to the Humane Fair Bake Sale

Do you love to bake? Do you want to help the animal residents at SASHA Farm? Put that winning combination together and donate some of your yummy vegan baked goods to the upcoming Humane Fair on Sunday, August 11.

We’re seeking donations of vegan sweets and other vegan baked goods for the bake sale at our Humane Fair  August 11 from 12-4 pm. With your help, we can raise additional funds for the animals at SASHA as well as increasing awareness of how delicious the plant based diet can be!

All items must be 100% vegan, individually wrapped,  with an attached ingredient list and a suggested sale price. To donate items, contact Bob Harvie at bob@sashafarm.org.

We hope to see you at the sanctuary on August 11th.  Dave Ramsey, Suzy, Daisy Belle, the Jersey Five, Sheldon, and Frankie just can’t wait to introduce you to the other animals. And Bhima is already jumping for joy. Need we say more?

The SASHA animal residents just can’t wait to meet you!!


And, click HERE to learn more about the SASHA Farm Humane Fair on August 11, 2019. Don’t miss this amazing day and these amazing baked goods!

SASHA Animal Residents Looking for SPONSORS!

Sponsor a SASHA Farm animal resident this summer as a gift to yourself, or give a sponsorship to a friend or family member. Sponsorships are great birthday presents for kids and adults!

Almost all farmed animals who live at SASHA Farm are available to be sponsored, and they are eagerly waiting to hear from YOU. Do you have a favorite? Or do you love them all? Check out our Facebook page to see pictures and videos of many of the animals who find forever homes at SASHA Farm. You will also find some featured animals in the Meet the Animals tab on the website, or, email us at sponsorships@sashafarm.org for suggestions!

And, you can visit us at our upcoming Humane Fair on August 11 and meet that special SASHA resident who needs your love and compassion. 


Here are just a few of the animals who can be sponsored!

  This is Thambi, one of the Jersey Boys, all grown up now, and eagerly waiting to hear from you.

Do you love goats? This beauty would LOVE to have you sponsor him but needs a name. Sponsor at a Pasture Partner level to name him.

And here’s Lu – another grown up Jersey Boy. He’d love to tell you why he only has one horn! Sponsor him and find out!

Sponsorships are a great way to make that connection to the individuals at SASHA Farm, and through your sponsorship, you will learn their stories, their unique personalities, and more about the species to which they belong. SASHA Sponsorships range from $100 for a Helping Hand Sponsorship, $250 for a Barn Buddy Sponsorship, $500 for a Pasture Partner, and  up to $750 or more for a SASHA Star Sponsorship.

 Want to start sponsoring TODAY? Click HERE.

Please direct sponsorship questions to sponsorships@sashafarm.org. We’ll answer email within a day, and we can normally put together your packet of sponsorship materials so you receive it within 7 business days or sooner.



The SASHA Farm Humane Fair is August 11!

Are you ready for the 2019 Humane Fair? All the SASHA Farm animal residents can’t wait to see you on Sunday, August 11!

Join us between Noon and 4 pm. Your ticket will include a catered vegan buffet lunch. There will be informative guided and walking tours of the sanctuary several times during the event.

Several animal advocacy groups will be attending. Visit their information tables and learn more about what they are doing to support all animals.

Sit in on a Q&A with Founders and Directors of the Sanctuary, Dorothy Davies and Monte Jackson.


Tickets for this amazing fundraiser are only $30 for adults, $15 for children between 10 and 6, and Free for children 5 and under.


(or you can pay at the door).

Please contact Bob Harvie with questions or for more information at bob@sashafarm.org

And here are just a few of the animals who are preparing for your visit! Don’t disappoint them – please join us on August 11!