On September 28, 2018, you read our BREAKING NEWS in Facebook:
HAPPENING NOW: SASHA Farm’s Dorothy Davies and Monte Jackson are on their way to Philadelphia to rescue 100 adorable yet highly at-risk baby chicks!

The Background: The PSPCA (Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) rescued over 1,000 chickens from a vacant lot in Philadelphia. Prior to PSPCA’S involvement, more than half of the original 2,500 chicks had died. The PSPCA worked with their PA rescue partner Indraloka Animal Sanctuary to bring the remaining chicks to safety, and then sought out additional rescues where the babies would be safe in forever homes.

SASHA Farm volunteered to take 100 of them and made the long trip to Philadelphia to transport them back to SASHA in Manchester, Michigan. On September 29 and then into the wee hours of the 30th, 128 sweet babies chirped happily all the way back to SASHA Farm where they will now live out the rest of their lives, loved and cared for. They will grow up with their pals, safe from harm, with their own comfy coop, a spacious yard where they can roam, and plenty of water, food, straw, and tons of love and specialized care from staff and volunteers.

Chick Facts: The baby chicks are Cornish crosses; they do not traditionally lay eggs and need specific care to survive and thrive. These birds have been bred to grow quickly but they can live several years when loved and cared for properly. They are currently quite fragile but grow stronger every day with our care.

What You Can Do to Help: First, A BIG SHOUT OUT to all of you who donated on Facebook during our initial announcements. Would you like to do MORE? Keep sharing your love with these survivors by becoming a sponsor of the Philly 128. (Please note: If you have previously donated to the Philly 128 through one of our Facebook campaigns at a sponsorship level ($50 or above) and you would like to receive the sponsorship benefits, or increase to a higher level, please send an email to sponsorships@sashafarm.org.)

Sponsorship Details:

SILVER – $50

  • 1 Special commemorative T-Shirt: “I helped rescue the Philly 128” (pictures of shirts below)

GOLD – $128

  • Personalized certificate
  • Picture
  • Story of the Philly 128
  • 1 Special commemorative T-Shirt: “I helped rescue the Philly 128”


  • Personalized certificate
  • Picture
  • Story of the Philly 128
  • 2 Special commemorative T-Shirts: “I helped rescue the Philly 128”
  • Private tour for up to 5 people date TBD

Just click here: https://secure.acceptiva.com/?cst=d593dd to choose your sponsorship level and shirt size, and to enter your payment information. The shirts are available in both unisex and women’s sizes, and are Indigo Blue.

These sweet, adorable chicks will thank you and love you forever, and you can be assured that they will never be food on anyone’s table.

 (Please note that the chicks are still fragile, but we can already see them growing and thriving. Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate large tours right now due to their fragile nature but look forward to seeing you in the spring when they are completely healthy and ready for visitors!  Small private tours are part of the Platinum sponsorship however, if you wish to sponsor at that level. But we thank you for any help you can give to these chicks, and we will be posting frequently in social media so you can see how they are doing!)

Shirts designed by Shaunna Cahill, SASHA Farm Volunteer.

Please email sponsorships@sashafarm.org with any questions you might have. Thank you again for your support!

Cruisin’ for the Animals

On Saturday September 15, SASHA Farm held a benefit cruise on the Diamond Belle River Boat. It was truly a night to remember as we cruised down the Detroit River watching the sun set over the water. We marveled at the dynamic views of the Detroit and Windsor skylines while we listened to the mellow sounds of Sean Blackman’s  in Transit Detroit. For many, childhood memories  came floating back;  for others new to the Detroit area, there was wonder at the breathtaking views and the peaceful, mellow ambience of this sightseeing journey.

AND, IT WAS ALL FOR THE ANIMAL RESIDENTS OF SASHA FARMWith our deepest gratitude to our sponsors: Gold Level – Amy and Jack Bell, and Dr. Asha Shah and Matthew Douponce. Bronze Level – Beverly Steffens  (SASHA Farm Volunteer),  Shimmy Shack, and Chili Mustard Onions. You helped to make this incredible evening a reality. THANK YOU!

In addition to our sponsors, we thank  Diamond Jack River Tours for making this benefit cruise informative and fun at the same time! Captain Steve told us all about the sights with his very interesting stories about the history of the area.  And, kudos to The Moveable Feast who catered a great vegan buffet for this event (perhaps the first one they have ever catered on the water!)

And now onto a few of the great scenes captured on camera!

Watching the sun set as we left our busy lives behind for a few hours on this incredible journey…

Bob Harvie, SASHA Farm volunteer and Board Chairman, says HI!

Sean Blackman and group entertain to SASHA supporters, while the sun sets on the river.

Incredible views of the skyline – Detroit Renaissance Center.

Ambassador Bridge – planned for the late 1800’s but finally opened in 1929 to connect Detroit and Windsor

Another view of the Ambassador Bridge

Dorothy Davies, director and founder of SASHA Farm,  and Gary Yourofsky,  animal activist and long-time SASHA supporter, wave at the camera. All enjoyed the peace and beauty of the sunset and being among friends.

And, you came for all the 250+ animal residents who will live out their lives at SASHA Farm. They are here because they needed a home where they could be themselves, and be safe and loved. They say THANK YOU to all our River Cruise attendees for supporting them. Here are some pictures of the animals showing their love for all their sponsors and supporters.

Danny, one of 8 survivors from a Livingston County MI dairy farm, was rescued in November 2017, among horrific conditions, where 70 animals were found dead of starvation.

Sheldon was rescued in 2016 by a young girl named Ruby. He was a 4H sheep, destined to be meat on someone’s table but she talked her parents into purchasing him. Now she raises money through her pet sitting jobs for his care.

Laddie, a Scottish Highland steer, was rescued when his owner had to sell his farm in Kansas. He fits right in at SASHA!

While still a very young piglet, Johnny Cash fell off a transport truck, into a ditch in Iowa.  He was presumably on his way to a “fattening farm”.  Luckily, he was found by a compassionate couple, nursed through his injuries and brought to SASHA.

Bhima, the big guy in the picture, is a Gyr ox. He was actually rescued from a farm in Michigan even though the breed originates in India. He is surrounded by the Jersey 5 (rescued from a dairy farm as one week old calves in September 2017), and Daisy Belle, a female Holstein twin born at a dairy farm who was sterile and very tiny. She had been left to die but a loving supporter brought her to SASHA.

This is Cassie, a Toggenburg goat rescued from a home in the city as part of a neglect case and brought to SASHA Farm. Now she has many goat and sheep and people friends to keep her company and she is safe, loved and well cared for.

Maitri, a Guernsey / Brahman mix, is another survivor of the Livingston County MI cruelty case. Her name means “loving kindness”.  She is doing incredibly well now, a year after her ordeal – healthy and happy and loving her life and her friends at SASHA Farm.


SASHA RUN FOR THE ANIMALS: Update from Charles Leister

Charles ran 100 miles on September 7, 2018 to raise funds for the animal residents at SASHA Farm. Read his incredible story below:

Hello everyone. First, the most important update regarding the fundraising campaign. I am very pleased and grateful to report that we have exceeded the fundraising goal by accumulating $3,165.00 in website, check, and cash donations! A sincere thanks to all donors who helped SASHA reach its goal. It is truly terrific that so many people have come together to help the animal residents, and future rescues, live out their days at SASHA in a compassionate and safe environment. The website is still open to donations if you would still like to make a contribution: https://www.gofundme.com/charles-leister-run-woodstock

As for the run:  It was an experience of highs and lows all throughout. A swarm of wasps did not make this run any easier for me as I was stung over a dozen times on my right leg within the first 14 miles of the race. Thankfully, the next aid station was only three miles away from where I was able to receive some medical attention before heading out to continue the run. The 100-mile course consisted of 6 x 16.66 mile loops across the Potawatomi trail and horse trails in Pinckney, MI. I dedicated each of the first 5 loops to a group of animals at SASHA (birds, pigs, cows, etc.). Bhima was included in with the goats and sheep since he spends most of his time with them. The final loop was dedicated to the founders, Dorothy Davies and Monte Jackson, as well as all of the fantastic volunteers at SASHA Farm.

As I stood up from taking a 10-minute food and rest break to prepare to complete the sixth and final loop, my body basically told me that I was no longer moving forward and that 84 miles was enough. I had come so close and now my body just did not want to respond, but I felt that I just couldn’t quit now considering all of the support and well wishes that everyone had contributed to the campaign.

I used every bit of my mental and physical energy to keep moving through those final 16 miles knowing that the pain and discomfort that I felt would be worth it in the end. As I crossed the finish line in 25 hours and 31 minutes, I was filled with overwhelming gratitude for all of the donors, supporters, and volunteers who put forth so much effort, love and compassion to make this world a better place for those who do not have a voice.

With sincere thanks,
Charles Leister

(Check out a video of Charles’ run HERE)