Charlotte’s Basket


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Charlotte is excited for you to get this basket of treats! If you’ve met Charlotte you may have noticed that she’s equipped a bit differently than the other pigs. Her back legs did not fully develop when she was born, so it takes extra effort for her to get around. Many special needs animals have made their way to SASHA over the years and we make sure that those needs are met. Charlotte has her own special area at the sanctuary to make sure she is safe and comfortable at all times. And of course, so she gets the whole bowl of veggies to herself. You can share Charlotte’s basket with loved ones, or eat it all yourself. ūüėČ

Charlotte’s¬†Basket contains:

1 Box of Bon Bons from Bon Bon Bon
1 Spicy Chocolate Bar from Giddy Yoyo
1 Dark Chocolate Orange Bar from Equal Exchange
1 pack Mayan Truffles from UliMana
1 box Caramels¬†from Lagusta’s Luscious
1 Gourmet Earl Lemon Lollipop from Amalia Bakery
Caramel Eggs from¬†Sjaak’s

Acutal wicker baskets will vary as these items have been donated.