Olga’s Basket


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SASHA is home to many lovely hens and roosters and Olga is one of them. In a world where so many industries use animals, we do our best to educate people so they know it is not necessary. Whether it’s for meat or eggs, birds suffer when raised for food and that’s just not fair to them. Olga’s basket is filled with treats you’ll love, and no animals were harmed!

Olga’s Basket contains:

1 Box of Bon Bons from Bon Bon Bon
2 Dark Chocolate Orange Bars from Equal Exchange
1 box Caramels from Lagusta’s Luscious
1 Gourmet Earl Lemon Lollipop from Amalia Bakery
1 pack of Gummies from Surf Sweets (flavors will vary)

Acutal wicker baskets will vary as these items have been donated.