Running For Your Life Down 8 Mile


He stands still with his small little frame and beautiful face. Curious as can be, he comes over to you and will sniff your hand. He bears an eartag with the #492 and a purple stripe painted down his back, an indicator of being ready for slaughter. He did not come with a name, just a number. Number #492 is all he was to someone. Biding his time until the inevitable day would come. However, somehow by what you could call a miracle he found a way out. He took off with his little legs to freedom but not without a sprint down 8 Mile Rd. in Detroit ending his solo journey in the Norwood Collision Shop. Animal Control was called and then the Michigan Humane Society. It was just a matter of time before the emails and Facebook messages started rolling in. Everyone was asking if SASHA Farm could help this poor little guy. It seemed no one wanted him returned to whatever terrible place he had come from. Surely they felt, this was an animal that deserved to come to SASHA Farm where he would be safe. He had defied the odds and got out! Thanks to the help of Dave at the Michigan Humane Society of Rochester, who arranged for his transport. The sheep came to SASHA Farm just 2 days later. Our Director has named him Eminem because what could be more fitting for a sheep who has 8 Mile in common with the rap star. All the volunteers and staff already adore this little sheep after just a few days with us. The main thing anyone can take away from this is that Eminem is just one of millions of animals marked for slaughter each day. Almost 10 years ago we rescued Jefferson, a cow that escaped a slaughterhouse in Eastern Market in Detroit. Animals escape slaughter once in awhile and it touches people’s hearts and lifts up their day when there is a happy ending. Imagine if all the animals bound for slaughter dodged that fate. Surely we’d be relieved for those animals too. If you would like more animals to have a happy ending the best thing you can do is stop eating them. This Sunday October 27, you can meet Eminem as we will offer a public tour of the farm at 1pm for a donation of $10 per person.