Tough Days At SASHA Farm


If you asked us about what it’s like to run a sanctuary like SASHA Farm we’d tell you how rewarding it is. We’d explain that it gives us purpose and we all look forward to being there everyday. What is familiar for us but not easy to talk about are the tough days at SASHA Farm. The days we lose an animal who is also a friend and also a part of our SASHA family. You see, we take in the abused, the neglected and the unwanted who usually are also the sick and old animals. We welcome them with open arms and do our best to provide the care they need for the rest of their lives. We commit to making them healthy and comfortable. The hard part comes when we cannot reverse their illness and we cannot turn back the clock on old age. We lost two very special goats in the last 3 days. It is with great grief in our hearts that we say goodbye to Buddy and Oreo. They each had sweet personalities. The goats at SASHA Farm are a lot like dogs, very social and outgoing. They always come over and greet you when you are in the barn. It’s hard to get through the day without having been greeted by at least a goat or two. We found Oreo passed away Monday, likely of old age. Now 2 days later we have lost Buddy. Buddy had been battling a disease called CAE or Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis. We discovered his leg was broken yesterday. Today after x-rays at the MSU Large Animal Clinic we learned of the progression of his disease and the extent of his fracture and a future of constant pain. We made a very tough decision but the right one for him. It’s hard for us to let go but we can’t imagine the pain and suffering Buddy would be going through. It’s heartbreaking. So the other part of answering the question of what it’s like to run an animal sanctuary is that it’s hard, VERY hard sometimes. However, this is what we do. We accept that some days we will lose some and look forward to helping rescue more that need us. We will miss our friends Buddy and Oreo but we will not forget them.