You Helped Us Rescue So Many This Year. Help Us Continue That in 2014!

2013 held our largest annual record for the number of animals we have rescued. We weren’t out for a Guinness Book record it was just a year of so many animals in need. Farm animals that had no place to go and faced possible death in most cases relied on us this year. We were glad to play a role in giving them a safe haven and forever home. Our supporters played a huge part in our ability to do that. We thank you all and are so very grateful. Now that these animals have found safety with us things do not end there. We are committed to their food, shelter and vet care needs for the rest of their lives. We hope you will consider a year end tax-deductible donation to help us rescue more in 2014 and continue the lifelong care of the animals we have. There are so many dog and cat rescues that do good work but very few places that take farm animals. We are glad to be a place they can turn to and we hope to continue that far into the foreseeable future. Happy New Year and Thank You from all the rescued animals at SASHA Farm.