Breaking News! It’s A Boy!!!

Apple and Baby

Yesterday we began our typical morning chores. It seemed like it would be just like any other day. One of our cows, Apple was pregnant so we check in on her as frequently as we can. Everything was fine in the barn. Less than an hour later our volunteer John walked back into the barn and there he was. Our new little calf was up and standing. Apple had given birth in that short period of time we were not in the barn. We made sure to get him dried off in this chilly temperature and in no time he was nursing from mom. We were relieved mom and baby were doing fine. The bond between Apple and her calf was pretty immediate. Apple has the natural instinct to protect her calf. While we’d love to snap pictures all day of baby and mom we do give them plenty of time to rest. We have named the calf Billy Ray in memory of a volunteer’s late father who staunchly opposed the veal industry. To see this little calf nurse from his mom leaves such an impression and reminder that cows produce milk for their babies. In the dairy industry calves are generally taken from their mothers within a day or two of being born. After the calves are taken the mother cows begin their sad fate of being hooked up to milking machines several times a day. If the calf is a female she will be raised to face the same disturbing cycle of life as a commodity to produce milk for human consumption. If the calf is a male he will be sent off to a veal crate or raised to become beef. In Billy Ray and Apple’s case this will not happen. They will never be separated and he will continue to nurse from his mother just as all babies should. This mom and baby are lucky to be safe in their forever home at SASHA Farm. We are sad that not all cows will be so lucky. Billy Ray gives us hope that someday hopefully more calves will stay with their mothers. If you would like to sponsor Apple and Billy Ray you can do that here: