Missed But Not Forgotten – Brave, Feten and Gertie

We'll Miss You

How we get through weeks like this we sometimes don’t know. We lost three very dear friends this week. Brave, Feten and Gertie were well loved at SASHA Farm by the staff, volunteers and their fellow horse and goat companions. This loss weighs very heavy on SASHA Farm. Our work will still go on but not without a certain emptiness being felt from this day forward. We now have a horse barn and goat barn that will no longer seem the same. Many of us bonded with these animals weekly and even daily. We looked for their faces when we’d go out each morning and night to feed them and cleanup their barns. They won’t be looking up at us and that will feel so strange and that sense of emptiness will loom over us for awhile.

Brave was a former high prize winning race horse that went lame and was surrendered to our sanctuary. Fetenwas also a former race horse who sustained injuries and was turned over to a rescue only to be turned over a second time to SASHA Farm. Gertie came from an unfortunate circumstance where she was not cared for properly then surrendered to SASHA Farm.

What we can take away from this is that these three precious animals where able to shed their hardships upon arriving at SASHA Farm and just be a horse or a goat. No expectations were upon them. Their lives at SASHA Farm were to be happy and healthy and we provided that. We feel honored that we got to share those years with them. Good years that they may not have had otherwise. We will miss them dearly but they will not be forgotten. They are part of the beautiful, ongoing, experience we have rescuing animals over and over and watching them leave this world with the good years they had at SASHA Farm. We thank you for your support as you stand behind us during the good times and the sad. We told our volunteers that while these animals will no longer physically be at the farm they will still be there because we will carry them in our hearts.