SASHA Farm Heads to North Dakota to Save Runaway Steer


In the SASHA Farm truck with livestock trailer attached, co-founder Monte Jackson left yesterday to drive 14 hours to Durbin, ND to pick up a steer. The steer was on its way to a slaughterhouse when he got loose and had quite an adventure wandering through the town of Casselton.

The steer was finally tranquilized by a local vet and taken back to the farmer in Durbin, ND. It would be a few days before the tranquilizer would be out of the steer’s system and he could be sent back to slaughter. The story caught the local news as well as a news station in Chicago. A concerned man, Duane Thamm called the farmer to see if he’d let the steer live if a sanctuary was willing to take him. The farmer agreed.

Duane contacted SASHA Farm and we have agreed to take the steer. SASHA Farm feels the steer deserves his freedom and is making the trip to go pick him up. Monte will be back in Michigan with the steer sometime Sunday morning. Duane’s sister, Brenda Korim will help with some of the cost of getting the steer to Michigan but there may be other veterinary costs once he arrives as well as the need for more hay.

“He will be joining several other runaway animals. Our Sanctuary will now have three steers, one cow, two sheep, a pig, and two emus who escaped the slaughter house. Sometimes I think we should call ourselves Runaway Farm” says SASHA Farm Director, Dorothy Davies. The steer has not been named yet but we have an idea in mind and will decide tomorrow when he arrives.

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