Breaking News! New Rescue Cow Daisy Gives Birth Today At SASHA Farm!


Meet Daisy and her new baby! More pictures coming soon! We were involved with Daisy’s rescue last Monday. A man and his family from the Chicago area heard of a pregnant cow in Riga, MI who was owned by a backyard butcher who has a small slaughterhouse. The family from Chicago wanted to help Daisy be rescued and contacted us. With their help and generous donation we did that. Although Daisy never entered the slaughterhouse herself she was forced to keep having baby after baby. These calves she gave birth to would each become part of the ongoing cycle of raising calves just to be slaughtered and turn a profit. A cow-calf operation is a method of raising beef cattle in which a permanent herd of cows is kept by a farmer or rancher to produce calves for later sale. The males go on to slaughter and the females may end up being forced to endure the same thing as their mother. The disturbing cycle repeats without skipping a beat. We are so happy we could help Daisy. We knew she was pregnant and due very soon when we picked her up Monday. We had no idea she would give birth within less than a week. Daisy is very protective right now so we are stilling trying to get close enough to determine the sex of the calf. The good news is that the baby started nursing right away and will receive the colostrum (antibodies to build immunity) that Daisy is meant to give her baby. The maternal bond begins with Daisy and the baby. A bond that is often denied to cows like Daisy. We feel a great deal of sadness for the other cows like Daisy in the world who do not get to stay with their young. There is some direct action you can take to do SOMETHING. Adopt a vegan diet and begin to be part of what will hopefully end this deadly cycle of lives lost.