Blind Cow Born On A Dairy Farm Escapes Euthanasia!


A few months ago we received an email from a city in Northern Michigan about a blind cow born on a dairy farm. The woman who contacted us was the farmer’s daughter. The farmer wanted to euthanize the cow but his daughter would not let him. She pleaded with him and kept him alive for a year. She wanted to find a place for Stevie where someone would take the time to work with disability. We agreed to take Stevie because his circumstance is so unique and we know special needs animals can be hard to place.

Stevie is a year old and has learned to depend on his hearing to compensate for his blindness. He also has begun to learn the perimeter of his new barn and yard. He knows where his food is but with every step we take we have to remain consistent with all that we do for Stevie. Stevie’s accommodations will always have to be taken into consideration to maintain that he has a good quality of life. Cows can live to be in their 20’s. Stevie will need a lifetime of care. At SASHA Farm we realize the importance and the challenges of taking on special needs animals. Despite the hard work that goes into doing that we would not have it any other way. When people are blind we do not simply discard them so why should we do that to animals?