Meet One Of Our Newest Residents, Sherry!

Before Thanksgiving we received many phone calls about two sheep “on the loose” in Ann Arbor. With the help of some Ann Arbor residents the SASHA Farm staff caught Sherry after a few weeks of patience and building a corral. Sherry had been marked with paint indicating she was meant to be slaughtered. Sherry’s partner is still out there. He has access to food so we hope he can survive until he is caught and brought to safety. Now Sherry has settled in and is just one of the gang when she struts around with the rest of the flock. We are so pleased to have her at the sanctuary.

UPDATE: As of Wednesday, January 7 Sherry’s companion, the other sheep has been seen again in the same area of Ann Arbor. With temperatures dipping to single digits with wind chills of up to -15 degrees we are concerned for his well being. We hope to catch him soon and get him into the warm shelter of a barn at SASHA Farm.