Until we meet again . . .


No matter how long an animal is with you, in your heart it is never long enough.  We were surprised and saddened this week to lose a true animal hero, our Stevie.  When Stevie first came to SASHA two years ago, our caretakers quickly realized his special qualities.  Born blind, he surely had his challenges, but with affection and proper care his personality bloomed into that of a confident and fun-loving cow.  Visitors to the sanctuary asked many questions about how he managed without sight and were awed by his abilities, lingering to watch him roam his yard and take in the attention he loved so much.  He was a teacher, helping people to understand the amazing ways animals adapt and overcome their challenges.

After his passing, we learned that Stevie had an underlying health condition which did not provide outward signs or symptoms.  True to his nature, he simply approached each day as he wished, embracing his friends, his veggie treats, and his determination.  He passed peacefully.

Stevie’s life was short, but meaningful.  While our hearts are heavy with sadness, they are also full of the wonderful moments we shared with him.  If you have a special memory of Stevie we hope that you will share that memory on our Facebook page and help us to celebrate his life.