An UPDATE on the Rescued Cows and Pigs that will make you SMILE!

Most of you have followed the stories of the surviving cows and pigs rescued from the horrific conditions of starvation and neglect at a small “family owned” dairy farm in Livingston County, Michigan. Now, they have found their forever homes at SASHA Farm, and we are excited to give you an update! They are all doing remarkably well as newcomers, basking in the love and attention of the volunteers and staff who look forward to every new day with them.  Below you will see pictures of our amazing and dedicated volunteers providing the new cows (and all the animals at SASHA) donated delicious produce. The first time we offered it to them they had no idea what to do with a banana or apple! Now produce day is their favorite day of the week. Given the cruelty they came from, it is truly remarkable how willing they are to accept our kindness and love. Oh, the many lessons to be learned from animals.

NOW, on to the PIGS! You haven’t heard as much about them, but they most certainly love  their new lives at SASHA. At first timid and afraid, they soon began trusting the humans who came by several times daily offering food and lots of neck scratches. Right now, they are about 5-6 months old – and incredibly curious and playful. Very intelligent, they love to explore, and they’re super friendly –  just happy for each new day to begin. The three are bonded, and sleep huddled together.  We are certain that all these survivors grew to depend on one another for comfort during the many dark days before they were rescued. Now there is light and love for them every day at SASHA Farm.  We welcome these peaceful, beautiful beings to SASHA. They will never know cruelty or starvation again.

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