Charles Leister 100 Mile Run for the Animals of SASHA Farm

Charles will be running 100 miles for the animals who reside at SASHA Farm on September 7th at Run Woodstock in Pinckney, Michigan. Stop by Charles’ table at our Humane Fair on July 22 and give him your support !!  Here is his latest update on his training:

“The training continues to go well. Last week I ran a 50K race on the rugged and remote North Country Trail in the Upper Penisula. I finished the race in a little over 6 hours and felt good overall despite the tough trails. I am still working on getting in shape to run 100 miles, but I don’t know if you ever really get 100% prepared physically for that type of distance. It is still a long way to go, but I continue to run with the purpose of helping the animal residents at SASHA receive the care that they so greatly deserve. Thanks for the support and I will provide further updates after my 50 mile run coming up at the end of July. Hoping for, but not expecting, cooler temperatures for the 50 miler.”

Please support Charles AND the SASHA Farm residents by donating HERE to help him meet his goals. THANK YOU!