If you missed this the first time around, we have re-launched this Holiday Happiness for SASHA Farm Animals campaign! Although your order from this extended campaign won’t arrive before Christmas, it can be a great after-holiday gift for your friends, family, or even yourself! Shipping will start on December 26, so you will be wearing your shirt before the end of the year. Celebrate the SASHA goats and sheep by supporting them through your purchase of this great shirt! (Scroll to the end to see how to order from our regular Holiday Shop just in time for the holidays!)

Sizes available in long sleeve, short sleeve, fitted and youth sizes.

ORDER HERE for this limited edition sheep and goats shirt, and make the holidays even happier for the SASHA Farm animal residents!

How this shirt came to be: We realized we had never celebrated our sheep and goats with their very own shirt. So here it is! Some of your favorites got together one nice fall day to pose,  and they hope you will love the resulting shirt as much as they do!

Celebrate Dave Ramsey, Sheldon, Suzy, Frankie and Mazzy (from L to R on the shirt below), and all the other sheep and goats at SASHA Farm by purchasing their shirt and helping to provide food and medical care throughout the winter months.

You will have the choice of  several styles and colors, shown below, and they will ship just in time for the holidays.  Follow this LINK to go to our Bonfire campaign which is running now through December 17th, with shirts starting to ship on December 26.

And, many thanks to Sheldon’s rescuer, Ruby, who came up with the original shirt idea, and to SASHA volunteer Grace Taylor for creating the design in honor of these beautiful beings!

Here are the stories of the featured animal residents:

This shirt and your purchase are in honor of  Dave Ramsey the ram, Sheldon the sheep, Suzy the lamb, and Frankie and Mazzy, the goats. Each has a story to tell.

Dave Ramsey was a former petting zoo ram who was bullied by the other animals as he became older and was going to be “retired”, so SASHA Farm became his safe haven. Sheldon was a 4H lamb raised to be sold as meat but was rescued from slaughter by a young girl who brought him to SASHA Farm. She now supports Sheldon through her pet sitting business.  Suzy was born on a large sheep farm where she was rejected by her mother and had no value to the farm. A compassionate girl bottle fed her in her home, eventually giving her to SASHA where Suzy could be with other lambs and sheep. Mazzy and Frankie were victims of a hoarding case. Both were held in small enclosures (Frankie in a dog crate) at this “hobby farm.” When they first came to SASHA with many other goats and sheep from this farm, Frankie was unable to walk. Now, he and Mazzy run free in the beautiful SASHA Farm pastures.

And, check out some of our other great shirts and merchandise HERE! Orders from our Holiday Shop need to be placed by December 19 to ship by Christmas.

Thank you for helping these animals celebrate every day at SASHA Farm. We celebrate YOU for your support and love!