Henry’s 11th Birthday Fundraiser for SASHA Farm – April 9th is his big day!

Last year, Henry Plummer asked friends and family to donate to SASHA Farm instead  of giving him presents for his 10th birthday, and with your help, he raised over $1200 for the animal residents. Many of the people who donated did not know Henry personally but were impressed with his compassion and love for all living beings.

This year, Henry turns 11 on April 9th, and he has chosen to raise money AGAIN for the SASHA residents, including new rescues like the five piglets from North Carolina who are already favorites among the staff and volunteers.

Just a few days left to wish Henry a very happy birthday by supporting his birthday fundraiser! Click HERE to donate and to learn more about this compassionate and amazing young man.

Pictured below, Henry making friends with Bo of the Jersey Five.

Henry is the proud sponsor of this beautiful sheep (below) and has named her “Babs”.