All for the Animals

The Detroit River Cruise for the Animals of SASHA Farm on the Diamond Belle Riverboat – September 21, 2019. If you were fortunate enough to join us, you shared with us an evening of friendship and companionship, of love for the SASHA animal residents and for one another. If you were unable to be there, we missed you!
Thank you to all who attended and supported the 280 animals –  like Bhima the Gyr Ox, Susie the sheep, Mazzy the goat, Penny the pig, Norman the donkey, Faye the chicken, the Jersey Boys, Daisy Belle the cow, Adam and Eve the potbellied pigs and all the animal residents who call SASHA Farm their lifetime home.

Please enjoy the gorgeous views of the Windsor-Detroit skyline as we sailed into the sunset.

Lighthouse at the beginning of the Detroit River.