A Message to our Supporters

The SASHA Farm Board of Directors, its animal residents, our amazing staff, and our wonderful and compassionate volunteers who come rain or shine every day to care for our animals, wish to thank our supporters for all that you do.  Without you, SASHA Farm could not be the safe haven that it is for our incredible residents.

Your donations and your support of our various events throughout the year allow Sheldon the sheep, Daisy Belle the Holstein, June Carter Cash and Johnny Cash the pigs, Ellie the emu, Josh the rooster, the new goats Jasmine, Gizmo, Sarah and June, and their 300 pals to have a place they can call home forever.

Most importantly they all know without a doubt they will be safe and sound, well cared for, and most importantly, loved.  Thank you again for continuing to be the voice for the animals through your support of SASHA Farm.  It has made 2019 a great year for our sentient beings, and we look forward to continuing our work with your indispensable partnership.

Shania, a Brown Swiss,  came to SASHA Farm in 2013. She shows loving kindness to all and is the ambassador for any new cows who join. She is a treasured member of the SASHA Family. Thanks to your support, Shania has a lifetime home at SASHA Farm.