Make Every Day Valentine’s Day for SASHA’s Animal Residents

These incredible animals are sending ALL THEIR LOVE on Valentine’s Day to their human friends. Won’t you make every day in 2020 a special day for them in return? Sponsor an animal and really make their dreams come true !! This is handsome Sheldon, below, wishing all of you a Happy Valentine’s Day. He was saved from slaughter by a young girl who is now his biggest fan. He would be overjoyed if you considered sponsoring one of SASHA’s many animals, who all have stories to tell, just like Sheldon.

Want to meet the animals first? Check out our Meet the Animals tab for general information, and select each of the species listed below the tab to learn about many of our animals who are available for sponsorship. Also, check out our Instagram and Facebook pages to see pictures and videos of many more of these individuals that we are honored to care for.

We have upcoming tours and events during the spring, summer, and fall of 2020, where we are open to the public – and, attending one or more of these is a great way to meet the animals in person. The first tour is scheduled for Sunday, April 19th, and our Spring Social Event is scheduled for Saturday May 9th. All of our 2020 tours and events are listed on our website events calendar.

Interested? Go to Sponsorship Information under our Sponsorship tab for next steps.

Questions? Email us at