Henry Needs Your Help to Help the Animals!

Henry meeting a SASHA chicken, & Henry’s sponsored animals, Meadow the pig & Babs the sheep

Henry Plummer will be 12 years old in just a few days. He’s been helping the SASHA Farm animal residents for almost three years now by raising funds for them with his birthday fundraisers. We were overjoyed when he reached out to SASHA Farm again this year.


This young man is an incredible person, wise beyond his years. Vegan since conception, and living in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Henry is a protector of all wildlife and has set an example for his friends to not harm or frighten them for their own amusement. He also explains to others (adults and children alike) why a plant based diet is such an essential choice to help our planet survive, and to stop the cruelty towards all animals.

When he visited SASHA Farm over two years ago, he became the proud sponsor of a sheep who came to SASHA from a hobby farm, where most of the animals were living in crate-like structures, were underweight, and without food and water. SASHA Farm, along with another sanctuary, came to the rescue of these forgotten animals. Now Babs has a name, thanks to Henry, plenty of food and love, and her life couldn’t be better. The following summer, Henry sponsored a survivor from the Livingston County, MI cruelty and neglect case, a pig whom he named Meadow. Now Meadow has completely forgotten the days when she was abandoned and starving, and is loving her life and her friends at SASHA Farm.

Please help SASHA Farm continue to be the forever home for so many forgotten or needy animals by donating to Henry’s 12th birthday fundraiser. You’ll make one twelve year old boy and 275 SASHA animal residents very happy! Thank you to Henry and to all our SASHA supporters for making SASHA a safe and loving home for so many animals in need.