SASHA Spring Social on Facebook – A GREAT DAY

Saturday, May 16 was our virtual Spring Social on Facebook Live.

It was an incredible day at SASHA Farm on May 16. We followed along as most of our animal care team – Jenn, Shara, and Dave – visited every animal area, calling out to the animals by name. We watched Bhima follow Jenn closely through the pasture and in the barn, and remembered what it is like to be close to this magnificent, gentle being. We smiled and laughed as the goats had lots to say when no treats were forthcoming. We learned about “piggy piles” as we visited the potbellied pigs while they snoozed for their afternoon naps, all snuggled together and reluctant to get up, even to be Live on Facebook. The chickens were amazing, and we loved how responsive they are to their caregivers. There were so many great moments during this time, and most certainly we can see that the animals are thriving from the affection and loving care of the team who continues to work at SASHA during the coronavirus pandemic.

We thank each of you who visited us yesterday. We are truly grateful for your support and your donations to the animal residents who call SASHA Farm their forever home. And most certainly, we thank the SASHA animal care team along with our founders Monte Jackson and Dorothy Davies for all that you do to keep SASHA Farm the safe haven for farmed animals as it has always been.

If you missed this great day, or want to follow along again, here is the Spring Social 2020 on Facebook Live. Enjoy!!

Here’s Ricky, the Bantam rooster, one of the “Roos” we visited at our Spring Social 2020


Our next Sanctuary Sunday will be on Sunday, May 24 and will focus on the Goats and Sheep.

Time: 2:00 Sunday May 24; Place: SASHA Farm Facebook Live!

If you missed a Sanctuary Sunday event, no worries. Here are the links to the ones we’ve already done.

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Sunday, May 19thMother’s Day for the Animals. Click HERE to view the live video where we meet Moms and kids at SASHA. We celebrated all animal moms and their babies, and grieved together for all those moms and babies who had been separated from one another. This is why we do what we do.