Sanctuary Sunday – September 20

Did you miss it? Never fear – you can revisit the goats and cows at SASHA Farm right now!

Comments and questions are still welcome. We’ll keep the previous videos up so you can enjoy the preparations too!

Ready to have a great weekend with SASHA Farm? Join us on Facebook Live at 2:00 Sunday September 20 for our fall virtual event. Our Animal Care Manager Shara tells us more about this very special visit in the video below – where you can vote on which animals you want us to focus on. Goats? Cows? Chickens, Turkeys, and all the birds? Sheep? Horses, mules and donkeys? Pigs? Potbellied Pigs? Just start the video below, click the little Facebook symbol in the lower right hand corner, and you will go to Facebook where you can vote in a comment. OR, simply email us at

And, watch the video below to see what the animals had to say about all of this!
Well, who is it going to be? Norman says there’s still time to vote so let your opinion be known soon!

Norman the mammoth donkey wants you to vote for HIM!