Runaround Sue will never have to run away again

“Runaway sheep on the loose!” That was the news in a small Southeast Michigan town that summer of 2014. A sheep, complete with tags on each ear, and spray paint on her back, signifying she was destined for slaughter, broke loose from her owners’ back yard, and gave the “concerned citizens” quite a chase for over two weeks. We were eventually asked to help catch her. We agreed, but only if they surrendered her to SASHA Farm so she would never be someone’s dinner. On the early morning of June 21, 2014, SASHA Farm staff headed to the neighborhood to help catch this frightened sheep who had been tromping through everyone’s neighborhood. After a long morning and assistance from the neighborhood residents, she was caught and loaded into the SASHA Farm trailer.

Left, Runaround Sue checking out the dog barn after first arriving. Right, Sue spending her first night at SASHA in the cozy barn – first thing on the agenda tomorrow – ear tag removal!

Once at SASHA, she was understandably very leery of any person who came close to her. After all, she had been running for her life. She had no way of knowing that she was now safe and free. Our director Dorothy Davies appropriately named her Runaround Sue, after the “oldies” hit song of the same name! We removed her ear tags and the spray paint on her back which marked her for slaughter finally wore off. No longer “129”, she is now a “someone” with a name, living the good life with all the other SASHA sheep who have come from similar circumstances. She has found freedom and love with us at SASHA Farm.

Sue and some of her sheep and goat pals just chilling on a beautiful October day. She knows SASHA is her home forever.

In our Meet the Animals series, we have loved telling you about the many animal residents at SASHA Farm like Bhima and Daisy Belle who have responded to our loving care and seek out human companionship. But Runaround Sue is not a Bhima or Daisy Belle – she is a sweet docile sheep, and like many sheep, she is timid and shy around her human care givers and keeps her distance from us. However, she has bonded with many of the other shy sheep, like Chia, and we know she finds comfort and solace in her friendships. We humans often sing her song to her, though from a distance. We are certain she is wondering, “what’s up with the crazy humans?”

“Yeah, I should have known it from the very start – This girl will leave me with a broken heart – Now listen people what I’m telling you – A keep away from a Runaround Sue , yeah”

Daisy Belle and Sue enjoying the day and their freedom at SASHA Farm

We love Runaround Sue just the way she is, and we don’t try to change her into someone she was never meant to be. We are so grateful that she has found her place in the world – here at SASHA, safe forever.

Runaround Sue with her best friend Chia just peeking at the camera on the left