June Carter Cash the Pig: From Raffle Prize to a Lifetime at SASHA Farm

June’s journey to SASHA began when she was raffled off as a prize at a church fair. The “winner” was a kindhearted woman named Jenny (now a volunteer) who had no intention of winning a pig, let alone sending one to its death so the pig could be dinner on someone’s table. So, you can imagine Jenny’s surprise when she heard she had won and was asked where she’d like June to be delivered and “processed”. Her answer: “Nowhere. I’m sending her to a sanctuary.”

Once June’s destination was announced, the offer to deliver her was withdrawn. Monte Jackson hooked up the SASHA trailer and started down the road to pick her up. June arrived on a Sunday, hopped off the trailer, and with no hesitation she joyfully explored her new living quarters. After a brief period of living by herself, where she was still able to see the other pigs and touch noses through the fence, she was gradually introduced to her new pals in person, and introductions went very well. June’s friendly and playful demeanor from the start had a lot to do with how well she integrated with the others so quickly. Although she was destined for slaughter, she came to SASHA with her spirit still intact, so we imagine her early days pre-SASHA may have been spent with caretakers who treated her kindly.

June loves to play with hoses, bowls, and scrub bushes – pure joy!

Her name, June Carter Cash, was a “no brainer”. She has become the perfect good buddy for Johnny Cash.

Today, you can observe her running and playing in the grass, splashing in puddles, throwing her bowls around like frisbees, and playing with the scrub brushes that staff and volunteers use to clean water troughs and bowls. Our animal care manager tells us more about her personality: “June is a leader and has taken over the matriarch position of the Big Pigs. She is super friendly and extremely sweet. June enjoys human company, which includes tons of belly rubs. She lives for rubs. You will often catch her wandering around the yard rooting around with her tongue out (typical look for this queen) or snuggling with Johnny Cash during nap time. Also, she’s a tail wagger. Whenever you visit, and especially when you call her name, her tail goes nuts. She’s an amazing part of the pig family. Everyone loves June!”

Now, June Carter Cash has a beautiful life, one that most pigs will never know. Thank you to Jenny, June’s rescuer, who made it possible for all who come in contact with June at SASHA to share the joy of her life.

Jenny and husband Chris trading kisses with June! She is so happy to be at SASHA!