Shop to Help the SASHA Animal Residents

Little Edie came to SASHA Farm with her mother and brother, rescued from a hoarding situation. She loves the holidays at SASHA Farm.

We have many gifts you can choose from for your friends and family – and for all those special people you love and miss. And every purchase you make helps the SASHA Farm animal residents.

OUR SASHA FARM GIFT SHOP has a wide variety of t-shirts, hoodies, hats, mugs, water bottles, and so much more that will make perfect gifts for your friends and family. Check out the shop on our website HERE:

Place your merchandise order by Friday, December 11 to arrive in time for the Christmas holidays.

We are seeing shipping delays in all areas of the country, including Michigan, so if you are going to place a merchandise or sponsorship order to arrive by Christmas, please make certain it is in our hands by this FRIDAY DECEMBER 11th. Even then we cannot guarantee arrival before Christmas, as it is hard to predict where the delays will be. If your order arrives after the 11th we will still honor it, of course, and we can all keep our fingers crossed. Thanks to all who have already or will be ordering merchandise or sponsorships – the animal residents are so grateful for your support!

Yes, this is Norman the mammoth donkey. Read about his new shirt below!!

Why not a Team Norman t-shirt or crewneck? Or choose from many other styles, colors and sizes, including youth sizes.

ALTHOUGH OUR FIRST NORMAN SHIRT CAMPAIGN HAS ENDED, YOU CAN STILL ORDER HERE by December 20th to make this a New Year gift! Shipping from this second campaign will begin December 29:

Just one of many styles and colors to choose from

It’s the first time SASHA’s beloved Norman the donkey has had his own shirt, and he is so happy! This second campaign ends December 20th and although it won’t ship by the Christmas Holiday, items will begin to ship by December 29.

Thanks to Volunteer Shaunna Cahill and Joe Maroon Photography (@joemaroonphotography) for designing this fabulous shirt!


For gift ideas for SASHA Farm and the animal residents, check out the tab on our website called HOW YOU CAN HELP, and scroll down to our WISH LIST. The direct link is:

SPONSORSHIPS of SASHA Farm animal residents make great gifts. Please contact for questions, or go to the Sponsorship tab on the website at

The deadline to order sponsorships to ship before the Christmas Holiday is Friday, December 11th.

During the entire month of December, it’s a busy time for online shoppers. Amazon makes it easy to add SASHA Farm as your favorite charity through their Amazon Smile program. Start by going to and log on to Amazon as you always do. You can then select SASHA Farm as your charity. By signing up, a percentage of your purchase total will be donated to our farm! Thank you for supporting SASHA in so many ways!

We are so grateful for your support in 2020. Thank you!