Temporary Changes to our Store and Sponsorship Program

We thank all our SASHA Farm supporters who purchased merchandise and participated in our sponsorship program over the holidays. The animals (and all the humans who care for them) are so grateful for your support. You make such a difference for them, as the proceeds go into feeding and caring for all the animals year round.

Our local post offices became very crowded over the holidays, and although that should lessen now, we felt it safer for all if we temporarily closed our shop, and sent only e-files to sponsors. The sponsorship packets will contain the same information, and you would be able to print the certificate, picture, and Information sheet at home. If you request, we can follow on later with a printed package once we can go back to our previous program.

This change will take place at midnight December 27.

We look forward to these upcoming winter months where we will run a contest for new shirt designs online, and then launch the winners through our Bonfire campaigns. We will also re-release some of our previous favorites which can be shipped from Bonfire. In addition, we will search out other merchandise that can be mailed directly to you. So, we are excited to work with you in the coming months and truly appreciate your understanding and continued support. If you have any questions or ideas you would like to share please email sponsorships@sashafarm.org. We are looking forward to your input!

Here are a couple of peaceful pictures to keep in mind as we say goodbye to December 2020 and hello to January 2021!

Bhima saying hello as he cares for his sheep, goat, and pig pals

Moo waiting for breakfast on a cloudy December day