Meet Marty the Chicken: From Abandoned to Beloved

Marty was found abandoned at a Detroit area motel. It was the spring of 2019 and one of the employees had just gone to a room to clean it. There she found a ragged cardboard box, and in the middle of the box, a baby chick, just barely alive – nothing to comfort her or give her any hope that she would have a future life. A small bag of food sat beside the box.

We assume the guests had bought the chick as an Easter gift for a child, but changed their minds, thinking that someone else could deal with her as they had lost interest. Marty’s rescuer, a kind and compassionate animal lover, was absolutely mortified to discover what they had done to this baby. She called SASHA Farm, and we were there within an hour to take her to her new forever home at SASHA, where she would never be hungry or afraid again. One of the visitors to our Spring Social that following week won a raffle to name her. The winner called her Marty since that name worked for any gender and we did not know yet that she was a female.

Initially, Marty stayed close to her human caregivers, and lived in the “People Barn” where they could keep a close watch on her. She followed her favorite humans around, asked to be picked up, and had special vocalizations for her favorite people.

But time passed, and as she grew into maturity, she was ready to move on to the next phase in her life. Although she is not so attached to her caregivers now, and no longer likes to be held, she will happily greet her humans to see what’s going on. She’s always very curious and likes to be in the middle of the action. Her best friends are the barred rock hens, and Olga the rooster. She spends her days just exploring her big yard and the coop, and, with her endearing gait, runs as fast as she can to catch up with her pals whenever she sees them.

One tiny baby whose life was worth nothing to those who sold her, nor to those who purchased her, to later leave her behind as worthless. She is now at SASHA Farm, where she has a name and is most definitely a SOMEONE.

Thank you to her rescuer for making certain that Marty would have a forever life at SASHA Farm. We are honored to care for Marty and to share her happy life every single day.