B-52: The Nubian Goat who found his place in the world at SASHA

B-52 came to SASHA from an Alpaca farm on M-52 about 8 miles north of SASHA Farm. He was the only goat among the Alpacas, and it was NOT ‘a match made in heaven’. He just did not fit in and we believe the Alpacas were happy to see him go. Of course, we welcomed him with love and made certain we introduced him gradually to the other goats and sheep, along with Bhima, Daisy Belle and the Jersey Boys. He is truly part of the ‘in crowd’ now.

B-52 is a Nubian goat. Nubians are often described as “especially bright and curious goats; charming, friendly and docile.” B-52 is all of that except he’s not so docile at times!

Our Animal Care team tells us that “B-52 is our biggest goat, and he has a personality to match his size. Though he can have a bit of a goat-attitude on occasions, he really enjoys hanging out with his humans and giving them smooches. If you need to find B-52, just look for Daisy Belle. He rarely leaves her side. Bhima is his best buddy, too. We are pretty sure he thinks he’s a breed of cattle; however, we won’t tell him he’s not! He used to love hanging out and playing with the Jersey Boys when they were younger. We love having him as part of the herd. He’s a very unique and special boy!”

B-52 found his place at SASHA Farm, where we allow him to be the individual he was meant to be. We’re grateful that we can share his life and his love every single day.