Henry Plummer’s 13th Birthday Fundraiser for the SASHA Farm Animals

Click HERE to donate to Henry’s fundraiser for the animals.

Henry chose SASHA Farm once again to raise money for his 13th birthday in lieu of receiving presents. This is the fourth birthday fundraiser he has done for SASHA Farm!! He wants everyone to know how grateful he is for all the generous donations from last year. SASHA Farm is a very special place, and it brings Henry so much joy knowing all the animals that reside at SASHA Farm can live out the rest of their lives free from harm or exploitation. Henry is a naming sponsor of two resident animals at SASHA Farm: Babs the sheep, and Meadow the pig

Henry has been vegan since conception. In addition to his love of animals, Henry enjoys cross country running and skiing; sledding; biking; history, playing baseball, chess, Backgammon, Dungeons and Dragons, and playing on his X-Box. He loves all kinds of vegan foods and his favorite restaurant is J. Selby’s in St. Paul, Minnesota. His favorite president is Abraham Lincoln because he ended human slavery. Henry is home-schooled by his parents Jeff and Carrie.

And, below, more pictures of Henry’s sponsored animals at SASHA and some of his visits to SASHA Farm. Also shown is Henry’s rescued grasshopper Pierre who had a severed back jumping leg and could never live in the wild. Henry’s love for the animals shines through in every picture!